The Solution. Week one: How do we fix our government?

I have stood by for many years in total amazement that our country is so poorly run. If I had managed my toy company like the lifelong politicians do this government, I would have been severely judged, chastised, and eventually paid for my carelessness. I feel the majority of Congress are self-serving rather than constituency-serving. Eager to pad their pockets, they forget about the “little” people who put them in office. I am sick to death of it.

My solution is that we bring together some of the world’s greatest minds and have them serve on an unbiased committee in Washington that would discuss the problems facing our country and strategize how to win this financial war. Men and women, representing their constituents, would work together within the committee to solve problems, not create even more. This would be considered high-level mediation. I believe it would work!


2 thoughts on “The Solution. Week one: How do we fix our government?

  1. Unfortunately the only motivation for gov’t officials is to enrich themselves. Greed dictates policy, “What’s in it for me?” attitude, we all suffer from this disease, greed and pride. Even in the bad times when we thought the gov’t (I am not solely speaking of our great nation) was being patriotic, deals were made which enriched a few at our expense guised under patriotism.Term limits has always been a wise path, unfortunately much more than that is needed. Eliminating lobbying of the politicians, going even further to make it a federal offense with not only financial penalties but with incarceration in regular inmate institutions, not the country club variety. Eliminating pot belly politicking for special voting favors. Voting for Supreme Justices versus incumbent appointments by us the citizens of this nation based on their experience and values. The system is not perfect, they tired us down with roadblocks, typical litigation strategy (those with the means can wait and wait until those without dwindle away). So, good luck with human nature, don’t get depressed.

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