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Seeing Others Through Jesus’ Eyes

I just finished watching Texas’ Governor Jan Brewer strike down Senate Bill 1062 – a bill would have allowed businesses that asserted their religious beliefs the right to deny service to gay and lesbian customers. First of all, I am shocked a bill like that even made it to the Senate floor and even more shocked that it passed.

Shades of the 1960s!

The more I delve into history, the more I am appalled that we are coming full circle from that dark time when blacks had to fight for the right to eat a meal in a nice restaurant or sleep in a comfortable bed in a local motel. Some were even murdered for espousing that all people should be treated equally.

Have we learned nothing from our past mistakes?

We boldly stole the land from the Indians, killed and dispersed them, and we brought decent black people from Africa to be enslaved and to be treated worse than dogs. I am so thankful those days are over.

I have always wondered why we take the time to bother with what other people wish to do. Don’t we all have the right to love whomever we love as long as it is good and decent? And, there’s that troublesome scripture from Matthew 7:1 that says Judge not, lest ye be judged. In other words, quit showing deep resentment toward people who are “different” from you. Even Jesus sat down with the lowest of society in order to show them and others that His love is unconditional and that God’s forgiveness is for all.

Here is my solution: Let’s start concentrating on the REAL problems in our society: homelessness, poverty, crime, the environment. Stop this “coming out” business. For heaven’s sake, what you do in your private bedroom is absolutely none of my concern and what I do in mine is none of yours.

Let’s try to see others through Jesus’ eyes. Play nice!


The Solution. Week one: How do we fix our government?

I have stood by for many years in total amazement that our country is so poorly run. If I had managed my toy company like the lifelong politicians do this government, I would have been severely judged, chastised, and eventually paid for my carelessness. I feel the majority of Congress are self-serving rather than constituency-serving. Eager to pad their pockets, they forget about the “little” people who put them in office. I am sick to death of it.

My solution is that we bring together some of the world’s greatest minds and have them serve on an unbiased committee in Washington that would discuss the problems facing our country and strategize how to win this financial war. Men and women, representing their constituents, would work together within the committee to solve problems, not create even more. This would be considered high-level mediation. I believe it would work!